Traci Abbott
Beth Maitland
Beth Maitland as Traci Abbott
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by: Beth Maitland
Duration: 1982-1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2001 & 2006-
First appearance: 1982
Created by: William J. Bell
Family: Abbott family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Novelist
Residence: New York City, New York
Parents: John Abbott Sr.
(father, deceased)
Dina Mergeron
Siblings: John "Jack" Abbott Jr.
Ashley Abbott
(maternal half-sister/adoptive sister)
William "Billy" Abbott
(paternal half-brother)
Marital status: Steven "Steve" Connelly
(married) [1993-]
Past marriage(s): Daniel "Danny" Romalotti Sr.
(annulled) [1985]
Bradley "Brad" Carlton
(divorced, deceased) [1986-1989]
Bradley "Brad" Carlton
(divorced, deceased) [1991-1992]
Children: Unnamed child
(sex unknown, with Tim, deceased)
Unnamed child
(sex unknown, with Brad, deceased)
Colleen Carlton
(daughter, with Brad, deceased)
Grandparents: Robert Abbott
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Unknown woman
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Ivan Abbott
(paternal uncle, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Keemo Volien Abbott
John Abbott III
(nephew, deceased)
Kyle Abbott
Abigail "Abby" Newman
Robert Carlton
(nephew, deceased)
Hope Newman
(niece, deceased)
Cordelia "Delia" Abbott
John "Johnny" Abbott IV
Romances: Timothy "Tim" Sullivan
Daniel "Danny" Romalotti Sr.
Bradley "Brad" Carlton
(dated/engaged, deceased)
Steven "Steve" Connely

Traci Abbott Connelly (formerly Romalotti & Carlton) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Actress History:Edit

  • Beth Maitland (06/1982-06/1996; contract & 1999, 05/2001-12/2002, 2006 & 03/2007-present; recurring)

Other Information:Edit

  • Traci Ann Abbott (full name)

Character History:Edit