Peggy Brooks
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by: Pamela Peters Solow (1973-1981 & 1984)
Patricia Everly (1979; temp)
Duration: 1973-1981 & 1984
First appearance: 1973
Last appearance: 1984
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: William J. Bell
Family: Brooks family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Reporter
Residence: Washington, D.C.
Parents: Stuart Brooks
(father, deceased)
Jennifer Brooks
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Leslie Brooks
Lauralee "Lorie" Brooks
(maternal half-sister)
Christabel "Chris" Brooks
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Jack Curtis
(annulled) [1979]
Nieces & nephews: Brooks Prentiss
Jennifer Foster
Romances: Jack Curtis
Ronald "Ron" Baker
(he raped her)
Steven Williams
John "Jack" Abbott Jr.
Gregory "Greg" Foster

Peggy Brooks (formerly Curtis) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Actress History:Edit

  • Pamela Peters Solow (1973-1981 & 1984)
  • Patricia Everly (1976; temp)

Other Information:Edit

  • Died 1954

Character History:Edit